NMA: Growing Recognition That Platforms Must Pay for News Media Content

There is growing recognition across the world that the tech platforms must pay news publishers for their content and the News Media Association is working to ensure that new revenue streams are developed to finance local and national journalism.

The NMA is following the world-wide trend for tech platforms to recognise that news publishers editorial content has a financial value to the platforms for which news publishers should receive remuneration.

This has been accelerated by legislation and legal actions in Australia, France and elsewhere. In Australia, the implementation of the News Media Bargaining Code has led to deals being struck between the publishers and the platforms.   

In France, Google has struck deals with publishers after the competition authority stepped in to order interim measures requiring Google to negotiate with publishers in good faith, following the introduction of the press publisher’s right there.

The NMA is engaged in a round of meetings with regulators, Ministers and officials to make the case for UK publishers in advance of legislation being introduced. In particular, this is needed to ensure that new revenue streams are developed to finance local news and journalism throughout the UK

The UK Government is to build on the work of the CMA and Digital Markets Unit later in the year with its own legislative proposals which it is anticipated will create a new bargaining structure between news publishers and the tech platforms which remunerates fairly all varieties of news publisher.

NMA chief executive David Newell said: “The role of news media in providing trusted and accurate information to the public has been absolutely critical over the past year and will continue to be so as we seek to rebuild.

“By working to change the relationship between publishers and the platforms for the better, the NMA will support this work and help create a truly sustainable future for independent journalism in the UK.”