Oldham Evening Chronicle Returns To Print

The Oldham Evening Chronicle will return to print on 25 June as a monthly printed title. It will be the first time the newspaper has been printed regularly since 2017. 

The title was purchased by Credible Media Group, which owns B2B publication Oldham Business Edge, from KPMG in October 2017 after previous owners, Hirst, Kidd and Rennie went into liquidation.

Credible Media managing director Matt Ramsbottom said: “The impact of the Covid pandemic meant we had to slow down our plans for the Oldham Evening Chronicle to return to print, but as the local economy begins to emerge from the shutdown, it’s the perfect time for a regular, re-born newspaper.”

“Our plans are measured and sensible, with the aim to produce a weekly edition later this year, followed by a bi-weekly edition by early 2022.”

The newspaper will continue to be produced in the newsroom in Oldham, which will remain the base for the digital site at oldham-chronicle.co.uk and Oldham Business Edge. The publication will be printed by Reach, based in Chadderton, Oldham.

Content director at Credible Media Group, Kevin Bailey will oversee the output, with two in-house journalists and a team of freelancers supplying the publication exclusively.

He said: “We’re confident that the Oldham Chronicle brand is still strong and respected in the town. It’s been reflected in our outstanding digital results, and feedback from readers.

“It will be exciting to see the presses rolling for the Oldham Chronicle again, and we’re looking forward to producing regular, print editions from June this year.”