Former Prime Minister Theresa May Calls For Public Notices To Stay in Local Newspapers

Former Prime Minister Theresa May has backed local news media over its campaign for public notices to stay in local newspapers, while praising the industry’s moves to make the notices more visible.

The local news media industry is creating an industry digital portal for public notices including planning and traffic regulation orders, published right across the country to boost engagement with public notices.

The sector has also adopted a series of commitments to boost the visibility of printed public notices, including regular editorial coverage in print and digital, and clear signposting in paper.

Speaking to the Maidenhead Advertiser, Maidenhead MP Mrs May said: “I have in the past raised this as an issue and I think it’s important.

“I know the Advertiser has changed the way it presents some of these local issues so it’s more obviously for people what the issues are and people can see them more easily which is a good thing.

“In terms of notifications I think it’s important the requirement continues for public notices to be put in local newspapers.”

Following the Queen’s Speech, in which far-reaching reform including digitising the planning system was trailed, the NMA warned that digitisation must not come at the expense of the requirement for local authorities to place public notices in printed local newspapers.

Such a move would see 10 million people, many of whom are in vulnerable or elderly groups, cut off from viewing the notices, creating a serious democratic deficit, according to independent research from BVA BDRC.