Tickets Available For All In Summit

Tickets for an event announcing the results of the Advertising Association’s All In census of the advertising industry are still available. 

The results of the largest ever study of the advertising industry’s workforce that gathered data from 16,500 professionals will be revealed at the All In Summit on 10 June.

The All In census, created by the Advertising Association, IPA, ISBA and Kantar, will provide the most comprehensive industry-level data to date for key areas of interest including:

  • How ethnicity is represented across all levels of the industry
  • The representation of disability
  • How social mobility features in our profession
  • The gender balance and pay levels across the workforce
  • Structure of age levels across all levels of the industry
  • People’s lived experiences at work, both good and bad

The All In summit will also see the launch of the first phase of the All In Action Plan that will set out three big areas of focus for the industry to achieve greater inclusivity, plus a roadmap for further areas to address in order to build a workplace where everyone feels they belong.

The event will include live captioning throughout and is free of change to AA, IPA and ISBA members and £25 for non-members. Tickets can be booked here. Please contact the AA with any queries