Ozone Announces Landmark Partnership With MG OMD

The Ozone Project has announced today a landmark test partnership with MG OMD to deliver a programme of actionable metrics to boost business results for advertisers. 

MG OMD will run the outcomes test across Ozone’s “premium only video” inventory – the platform’s outstream offering that ensures any brand’s video campaign only ever appears on the quality websites that form the publisher alliance.

The first of the new Ozone Outcomes to be tested will be a cost per completed view measure – a guarantee that ensures MG OMD’s clients only pay for video adverts viewed in full, with all views independently verified.

Craig Tuck, chief revenue officer of The Ozone Project said, “We are delighted to be working with MG OMD as our test and launch partner for Ozone Outcomes. Thanks to the outstanding results we see for advertiser campaigns through our premium only video offerings, we are incredibly confident of producing equally impressive results when delivering campaigns like this on a CPCV basis.

“This is a very exciting partnership for us, driven by the advertiser need to deliver real business results through high attention environments, and we’re excited to learn more about our capabilities in this space as we optimise campaigns to meet MG OMD’s client goals.”

Tom Cocker, executive director, MG OMD, said, “We are great supporters of Ozone and its ability to deliver scale across quality and contextual environments, we’re doubly thrilled to test this new outcome offering for our clients.

“We’re always looking to find new and innovative solutions for our clients that deliver impact to their business, whilst navigating changes to the evolving digital landscape. We look forward to working with the Ozone team to understand how we can deliver even more for them.”

The Ozone Project is a digital advertising platform providing advertisers with access to a monthly audience of over 45.3 million readers of news brands and magazines. The project was formed by Guardian News and Media, News UK, The Telegraph and Reach and now includes publishers such as City AM, Stylist, DC Thomson, Bauer Media Group and TimeOut.