OmniGOV CEO: Growth In Local Media Audiences Presents A Real Opportunity For Advertisers

OmniGOV chief executive Paul Knight has called on the advertising community to seize the opportunity to align with local media as new numbers from JICREG Life is Local published today show public demand for trusted journalism has surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article supporting the JICREG Life is Local database update Mr Knight explained why he believes local media is such a powerful proposition for advertisers such as Government which partnered with news media for ‘All Together’ – a major ad and branded content campaign which has been running in national and local titles throughout the pandemic.

Mr Knight said: For many of us, the past 18 months has been a period of unprecedented challenge and change.

“The shock of the pandemic has touched nearly every aspect of our lives; our social habits, work practices, and our views about public health issues, to name a few.

“Since April last year, we have worked with Government and the news media industry to deliver the ‘All In, All Together’ campaign to communicate vital messages to the public. This partnership is still running today having consistently delivered well on key metrics.

“The success of ‘All In, All Together’ has proved that news brands are more relevant today than they ever have been.

“The reasons for this are no great secret.

“News brands are the main investors in journalism, and, during times of crisis, people seek out information they can trust from media brands they know.

“Advertising that appears next to journalism is granted a unique and special status by the person viewing it.

“Hence, by using news brands, ‘All In, All Together’ taps into news media’s unique and highly trusted relationship with their audiences.

“The launch today of new audience numbers for the local media sector by JICREG: Life is Local, tell the story of local journalism during the pandemic and give us valuable insight as we move forward.

“According to the new data, 42 million people now consume local media in print and digital – a year-on-year uplift of 7.7 per cent.

“The growth in digital is even more startling. Local media in digital is viewed by 37.6 million people a month, up by 17.9 per cent on last year.

“And, during the pandemic, more young people have been turning to local media on mobile, with 10.9 million viewing local media content each month on mobile.

“These powerful audience numbers show the critical role played by local media during the pandemic.

“The need for trusted and relevant local information increased demand for local journalism. And, by campaigning on behalf of local businesses, key workers and the public, local media has actively shaped and galvanised our response to the pandemic.

“Even as local news brands have endured the hostile effects on media of the past 18 months, local journalists have been working tirelessly on brilliant campaigns for local communities.

“As the gold standard in audience measurement, JICREG Life is Local underpins this vital work, enabling advertisers and agencies to access robust audience data for local media.

“For us, JICREG has been an essential tool in helping to deliver ‘All In, All Together’, allowing us to plan and buy with confidence.

“Looking at it from a media agency perspective, the pandemic has provided advertisers from all sectors with ample evidence to invest in news media.

“Trusted journalism has taken on increased importance in our lives and advertisers can benefit as a result. And this is as true for Government as it is for the businesses which will power our economy going forward.

“Now, it is up to the advertising community to seize the opportunity to align with this vital and unique force for good.”