NMA Responds To Lords Communications and Digital Committee’s Report Into Large Language Models

Responding to the Lords Communications and Digital Committee’s report into Large Language Models, News Media Association chief executive Owen Meredith said: “It is right that this report reflects growing concerns over tech and AI developers using copyrighted material to train Large Language Models without consent– and securing their own financial benefits as a result. Content creators and rights holders devote significant time and effort and resources to their work, and our copyright laws rightly protect their interests, creating wider economic, political and social benefits as they do so.

“Yet as AI technologies advance, so we must ensure our legal framework remains effective. For news brands who invest so heavily in their journalism, their content must not be used without transparency, consent, and fair remuneration. As the Committee recommends, we hope the government will support content creators by making clear the applicability of copyright law and setting out legislative options for future proofing our robust copyright regime if necessary. 

“Journalism will play as vital a role as ever in combatting the dangers generative AI poses to our society, particularly as we enter a year of elections across the world. Robust copyright protections fit for the future will ensure news brands can continue this role for a long time to come.”