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The Bolton News

Save Bolton Hospice


The Bolton News launched their campaign ‘Save Bolton Hospice’ after learning that the facility was running at a £1.2 million loss and could be forced to cut nearly a third of its beds.

The team issued a powerful front page plea, urging readers to donate to their £100k fundraiser.

Speaking to the Bolton News, Dr Leigh Vallance, the chief executive of the hospice, said she believed “fundamental changes must be made” to save the hospice.

Editor Richard Duggan said in an open letter to readers: “Bolton Hospice is a cherished institution that has helped thousands of people for more than 30 years.

“They are an independent charity, their services are free and they help take some of the strain faced by the NHS. However, the vital services the staff at Bolton Hospice provide are under threat.

“In June it was revealed the much-loved Chorley New Road site is running at a £1.2, loss and could be forced to cut nearly a third of its beds. The hospice has always relied on people’s generosity – but its need is greater now than ever.

“The Bolton News has a long-established relationship with the hospice as its dedicated media partner. Some readers may not know this but the newspaper was instrumental in raising funds to help build the hospice initially and has continued to raise cash ever since.

“Over the next six months and beyond the Bolton News will be running the “Save Bolton Hospice” campaign in partnership with GoFundMe to help get the deficit down and we’re aiming to raise an initial £100,000.

“We know times are tough – but they’ll be even tougher for so many local people if the hospice has to cut services. Our brand regularly reaches more than one million people online and tens of thousands of people in print every week – imagine if every one of those readers donated £5.”